What is the Zing Token all about?

The Zing Token is a crypto-token operating on the Ethereum Public Chain, tied 1 for 1 to the limited pool of Zing Credits within the Zing Music Application. The tokens / credits are mined from productive actions taken by individual users within the platform, and used as a common currency for music consumer expenditure, music promotional activities and other economic functions within the Zing Music Ecosystem.


Yahoo Finance

11 Jun 2018

Should this application successfully make its debut, it would undoubtedly shake the very foundations of the music industry, as it moves to shatter the centralized music production model adopted by record companies today.

Asia One

12 Jun 2018

With an unprecedented line-up of celebrities, professionals and corporate partners, Zing’s official launch looks set to be a resounding success. We hereby watch in anticipation, as we witness the making of another ground-breaking Chinese app with the potential to break the 100 million users mark within months of launch.

Singapore Infocomm Guide

21 Jun 2018

There is no segregation of social status, earning power, race or religion in Zing. Music lovers from different backgrounds, economic strengths and personal connections can all come together to help in the creation of a new hit.

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